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E-mail in 2023

Sending and receiving reliable e-mail is not a luxury – it’s a requirement. New email standards and policies are being stressed and enforced all the time. Proper DNS setup and account configuration prevents hackers, spammers, email spoofing, and illegitimate senders from abusing web resources. In 2023 if you do not have a secure, reliable email solution which is DMARC compliant, DKIM signed and SPF authenticated, then your email will have a high likelihood of being bounced, blocked, or quarantined by the receiving party.
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We Know What It’s Like! You Want To Press Send And Forget About It.

Once your email hosting server, DNS records and email account is configured, you should be good to go, without any issues. Most hosting providers do NOT want to get involved with this, but here at AtalantaMail, things are different. Service is interwoven into everything we do. Advanced configuration settings are adjusted and thoroughly tested by all current standards. We make adjustments to address ALL red flags, and reduce your Spam score to <+1.032%

Not Just For Bulk Email Blasting

It used to be thought that these special configurations were reserved for mass-marketing emails. While that is still applicable there, ordinary business-to-business, and person-to-person emails also need to follow all the correct sending protocols and necessary standards. If you are sending email from a questionable server, without authentication, you may be triggering a high spam score. Your outgoing SMTP server could be on a published spam list. 9 out of 10 email users do not even know what IP they are sending from, let alone how their message gets from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. It is time to shed this awful situation and take control of your email incoming and outgoing configuration once-and-for-all!