Spam Assassin Scorecard

What is your Spam Assasin Score?

Do you know what your spam score is?

Many configuration variables go into your E-mail spam score. It’s important to have an expert run checks on your sending and receiving, and make adjustments where necessary. On the internet, SpamAssassin is one authoritative software platform that analyzes these variables and assess whether or not an email message is spam or not. In most E-mail systems, this means the difference between getting sent properly to the inbox, filtered into spam folder (tagged as junk mail), OR in the worst case scenario – blocked or bounced into a quarantine area, never to be seen.

We at AtalantaMail perform these checks, and make all those necessary adjustments. We also check the complete path of your E-mails from point A [start point] to point B [end point.]  All IPs associated are looked at and checked on known Spam lists.  Advanced settings related to your DNS, hosting, incoming/outgoing SMTP, SPF, DKIM and relay setup are part of the analysis and need to be checked. In most cases, we will recommend switching to our E-mail server, and only if possible [if your hosting supports it] we might be able to make use of your current infrastructure. Lot’s of research and development has been put into getting the many pieces of this system to WORK, and while we can provide advice, consultation and general support on your (3rd party) system, our goal is to actively get new clients. Our system addresses all these issues and we’d rather you get the full benefits of all parts working together for the lowest spam score possible.

A sample spamassassin scorecard:

Spam Assassin Scorecard